Enterprise Blockchain Consulting

Unleash full business potential with our cutting edge blockchain solutions. We innovate, build and integrate real-world blockchain applications.

Expertise: Hyperledger Fabric, Smart Contracts

Our Blockchain Services

Blockchain Consulting

We help companies to transform their business processes with disruptive blockchain technology. We analyze the applicability and impact of integrating blockchain to their existing system. With our expertise, companies can plan and strategize the adoption of blockchain with optimal investments to meet their business objectives.

Proof Of Concept

Apprehensive of making the big shift? Test and identify the real benefits of blockchain in your system before adopting it. We demonstrate how blockchain will re-engineer and redefine your business processes to make it more efficient  and profitable with a dramatic decrease in operational cost. 

Blockchain Development

Blockchain applications are revolutionizing almost every industry and empowering tech-based relationships.  We exploit the power of distributed ledger, cryptography and smart contracts to build highly secure, reliable, and transparent enterprise blockchain solutions.  

Live Ledger

LiveLedger is our blockchain solution built with Hyperledger Fabric that synchronizes payments, inventory management, logistics, and audit trails with utmost transparency, security, and accuracy.

Android POS

Accept all modes of payment, anywhere: cash, cards & loyalty points etc. Transaction details are saved securely to the blockchain ledger.


LiveLedger brings retailers and suppliers to a common network. It enables secure,transparent and error free trading.


We get you covered everywhere. All business insights on your palm, the way you want. Take better and informed decisions.


Leverage the power of smart contracts for custom automated auditing and fraud detection.


Never lose your sales. Get notified on low stock levels of your products. Set up automatic order placement to replenish stock. Avoid dead stocks.


Plan your sales strategies with the deep insights of market realities. Super charge your business with decentralized anlytics.